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swify recovery

The Swift Recovery boots is used to speed up recovery. The thigh-high sleeves provide intermittent pneumatic compression reviving the legs for their next performance. It is a therapeutic, controlled pressure cycle to the limbs. Similar units are used by top athletes around the world including Team Sky riders.

Compression as recovery is nothing new. Many athletes already rely on compression socks and shorts after a workout, and research identifies a link between compression garments and reduced muscle soreness after training. Pneumatic compression therapy is a little more intense. The sleeves have multiple chambers attached to a pump and control unit, and they are programmed to provide sequential, pulsating compression to a specific area.

The main function of the compression sleeves is to engage a lymphatic flush. It helps the removal of waste product, inflammation and swelling and promotes a healthy blood flow back into the system.

Unlike many trendy recovery techniques, this treatment has a solid history rooted in medical science. When the technique is applied to athletes, studies have shown a significant improvement in accelerating recovery after training as well as enhanced flexibility and range of motion.

Swift Recovery is a The Coaching Corner product specially chosen to enhance your performance to Take You To The Next Level and can be bought for R 10 999-00

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